The benefits of private tuition

What are the benefits of private tuition?

The decision to engage a private tutor is important, yet it doesn’t have to be scary. So what are the benefits of private tuition? Sensible tutors recognize that some children only need short term or targeted help. At the very least, you will receive independent assessment and insights into your child’s needs. (When you contact me – Judy E – you can ask all the right questions, and discuss whether it will work.)


For some children, tutoring is a godsend. They love it. They can ask for help on a sticky topic over and over until they understand, without feeling stupid or embarrassed.  Or explore information that “isn’t relevant”, but which they happen to find fascinating! For others, the mere idea of giving up leisure time for extra study may feel like a punishment. That can be damaging. Unless this hurdle is overcome, there’s a danger that extra lessons out of school will be counterproductive. Preparing for SATS can be stressful. Private Tuition in SW19 can be flexible, and allow for downtime. Kids need breaks, too.

So to start with, tutoring respects the learner’s own best learning style. Really, there isn’t a single person of any age whatsoever who doesn’t learn better with coaching from someone who has more knowledge on the subject. Someone who can facilitate, and hopefully inspire achievement. That is especially true when the tutor has a passion for their subject, and the gift of sharing it.

Children of all ability do better with coaching – it helps them move up a grade.

Schools operate in groups of up to 30 youngsters. Setting goals and objectives for each pupil is almost impossible. Private Tuition helps children create and realize them, to find the way ahead to the place they want most to be. And sets them on course for independent learning.

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