CV Writing Services in Wimbledon SW19

I can either write your CV for you, or coach you so that we  both produce one  – and you also learn how to update it independently in future. Creating an attractive CV that genuinely reflects your individuality in how it looks, and how it reads -freshly written – is the greatest morale booster ever. Quite simply, it can be magic.

036Have you heard that “every job you apply for demands a new CV?” Sound heavy? It could simply mean a tweak or an update. Don’t be daunted – if you like, you can learn how to make light work of it.

Your CV is a marketing tool that positions you in the job market to the best effect. Your CV helps employers determine whether you have the skills and potential for the role. And it gives you the confidence to apply and follow through at interview. It is the basis of all the letters and application statements you make to employers or colleges. (Actually you need it beside you on the phone to them, and in interviews, too.)

A well-presented CV expressed in flawless grammar and spelling is essential.  It’s a fast-changing world. If you are looking to change your job you need the professional insights into the working of online application that I can provide.  We can work together face to face, or by phone and email.

I am a CV consultant for the Personal Development Cafe