Graduate Jobsearch With A Third Class Degree

If you just left University with a Third Class degree – also known as a “George” –  then Judy E right here at Private Tuition in SW19 has an upbeat message just for you. Success is absolutely still within your grasp. Just play your cards a little bit differently. If you haven’t worked, get a job. Paid or voluntary. If you fear that getting a retail, catering or seasonal post this Summer is labelling yourself as Third Class for the rest of your days, then think again!

Judy E can help graduates with a third in Wimbledon

The grass can be just as a green for a graduate with a Third

Checkout the Supermarkets

Supermarket giant Lidl has its UK Head Office in Wimbledon. Their Graduate Management Development Programme simply demands  “A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree”.

See? Your Third will do them nicely next year, especially if you get some proper work experience under your belt. Applications are closed for 2018, but you could go for a store or office job and  watch for any drop-out.

Check their job search site at

“From our point of view, someone who has worked is far more interesting than someone who got a First,” says the European Human Resources Director of a massive car rental company.

Why would that be? Perhaps because a lot of HR professionals know some of the reasons why people with great potential can perform quite poorly in exams. Perhaps they had to work while they studied. Suffered health or family problems. Stuck it out on a course that never was a good fit.

Online job boards, by contrast, start by matching CVs to jobs automatically, using specialised software. If the job ad asked for a “Good 2:1” you with your Third (the so-called Gentleman’s Degree) are on a loser.

Use your People Skills – and Social Media

This helps explain the deserved triumph of  a young man who came out of Kent University last month with a Third,Class degree and got no response from over a 100 online applications. So he handed out 34 CVs to business people at Liverpool Street and Cannon Street Stations. Interview offers  started pinging in within hours. Commuter recruiters had been checking him out on Linked In. One was for the next day, and he was offered a job. A real career job with prospects, with a Marketing Firm, starting the next day after that. Result! Within 48 hours.

Kamaran Hussain  says he struggled with exams because he was only used to coursework. That was one reason for his disappointing academic outcome. Getting a Third Class Degree has to be a downbeat experience. Yet his shop jobs, plus his Summer work in admin for a Law firm have earned him a different class of First – one of the first of this year’s new graduates to be sporting a suit and heading for the city. He offered initiative, the ability to graft, good presentation and people skills. When people stopped to chat, he engaged them in all the right ways.

Revitalize Your CV

If you feel downhearted or just determined to break the Third Class jinx Judy E really can help. My Employment Services include helping to give a lift to your CV, and finding agencies with a positive attitude to you and your achievements. Remember, sometimes getting a Third is a bigger glory that scoring a First. It depends on the circumstances. So contact me



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