Private Tuition in Wimbledon SW19

Private Tuition in Wimbledon SW19 is friendly and affordable. We are in a new age of cradle to late-life learning. The barriers are down, and opportunity is for everyone. Compulsory retirement no longer applies, and we celebrate the 12 year olds taking degree level studies.

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Access to learning for those with extra needs or disabilities has truly arrived. There’s a lot to be thankful for!

Services for Adults

Private Tuition for 20-something plus people heightens the sheer zest and pleasure of gaining new knowledge and skills, even when you are studying to achieve a “gateway goal”.

In-work students are studying for degrees and for job-related and professional qualifications. So I give coaching for GCSE and A Level, Access, plus active support with all studies building on subjects covered by Private Tuition in Wimbledon SW19


Private Tuition in SW19:  for Younger Learners

Having a tutor can transform the experience of formal education for 7 to13s. Success leads to success, and both you and your child have the comforting certainty that the teacher is 100% committed to his or her needs. You may wish to have a careful assessment of your daughter / son with regard to knowledge and progress, and that’s fine. Regular classes can follow if that is what you decide.



boy on tabletHome Schooling

I can and do work with parents and other professionals to support home learners.
Teenaged Learners

Most 13-19 students are studying for an exam. Even teachers are challenged to keep up with the huge changes to GCSE and A Level that began last year. So you can imagine how the teenagers feel. Frankly, they need all the help you can give. Private Tuition in Wimbledon SW19 is here for them.


I can improve pronunciation, develop your communication skills, and help you express your information formally, in a business context… or maybe kindle your creativity.

As a professional writer I would love to support you.

English As a Second Language

Assessment is the key to successful coaching for ESOL speakers, and if your goal is to improve English as a second language I will undertake to advise you on your current level, how to gain recognized qualifications. (And we can take it from there.) In addition I can assist you in finding local ESOL/ EFL group provision.

Exam Preparation

Working with you or your school-aged child, I will adapt style and materials to offer the best outcomes in any formal examinations in subjects that involve English Language and Literature, including A Level / Access. For younger pupils I offer English comprehension and writing skills plus help with SATS. I can also support and enhance exam work in History and Religious Studies.