Application Forms and Letters

As an experienced employment coach I can offer expert advice and practical writing help with application forms and letters

Anyone, absolutely ANYONE does better with a pair of trained eyes to proof read a job application. Some agencies are brilliant at giving advice, and they may have great websites that help you out, too. Let’s face it though, few of their consultants can provide the combined benefits of insider recruitment knowledge and professional writing skills at your exclusive service. That means one-to-one coaching from an industry professional.

professional-cv-writing service-sw19Have you ever let a career opportunity slip into the void because you just could not face the “Statement” pages of an application form?   Facing up to the hard work required to crystallize your achievements in well chosen words is daunting. Expressing them so as to match the employer’s requirements? Daunting!  When you are already working, making an application that does you justice can easily mean giving up the weekend. Still more painful if English is not your first language – or just not your top skill.

When CVs and Employability matter, when there are complex forms to be filled and persuasive letters written, effective support is a godsend. For a well-crafted application in your specialized area is like a blueprint; it can be adapted (with care and thought) for next time.