Private Tuition for Children & Teenagers in Wimbledon SW19

I believe private tuition  should be a joy for all children and teenagers, and definitely when it’s in Wimbledon and surrounding areas.

What are the benefits of Private Tuition for Children and Teenagers?

Schools need pupils – even young ones – to buckle down and apply themselves if they are to get the scores that move them onwards and upwards to GCSE. Anxious parents understand that this hard work will be rewarded in the end with better and brighter prospects. Yet some girls and boys need private tuition to give them a lift and boost over the rocky parts of the road.  They may be baffled with difficulties they don’t want classmates to guess. Sometimes they suffer from the low level classroom disruption that can blight the learning experience at school, and need to revisit the awkward patches in a more peaceful environment.


Your child is a great kid, but school says there are some issues 

Let’s be honest – some of the nicest children can be a tad disruptive themselves. There are so many reasons why, and it’s so hard for a teacher working with thirty pupils to address their issues. Too bright for the lesson content perhaps, and itching to move on?

They possibly possess high levels of physical energy, making it hard to sit still. So sociable that they want to be chatting with mates instead of completing an exercise. Or, crucially, diverting attention from the simple fact that they’re struggling. Private tuition doesn’t work miracles but it can make a significant difference.

Being the brightest can be tough,too

private tuition-in sw19-gifted-children-needs

Some children (often classified as Gifted and Talented) crave wider knowledge than schools can offer on the regular timetable. They MUST have new challenge – perhaps a chance to explore ideas more fully. Unless their needs are met, there’s a danger they will “switch off”. Private tuition is part of the answer!

Home Schooling …

I can and do work with parents and other professionals to support home learners.

Teenaged Learners …

Have highly individual learning styles, and I respect each and every one of them. Many of the brightest 13 – 16 year olds do struggle with formal written language. Perhaps they may feel overwhelmed by the demands of reading and commenting on literature and topics in their second language.

Private-Tuition- for teens-in-SW19

I can offer the help and support they need to produce the high quality work that earns higher grades, and sharpens the appetite for effort. Expert help and support, working hand in glove with school, hugely increases their GCSE chances.