Back to School: What are the Concerns?

Your child is heading back to school, and it’s all going to be different. If they just started High School, we’re talking about major change. So – you’ve done the basics? Helped them plan the journey, gone through the leaflets in advance, and discussed it all with your 11 year old.

What Are the Back to School Concerns for Parents in Wimbledon?

Since a new school or year group may start and end the day at a different time, you’re having to review the whole family routine. Ease the pain. Sort out any packed lunches, sports stuff, notes from home and school bag content the night before.

Don’t expect a formal debriefing in Week One from your child. Make notes (mental or paper) when they drop names into a conversation, and confirm details later. Be a careful listener.Any mentions of heavy teasing over something that’s easily put right, be it hair style or cute pencil sharpener; just do it. Pop the first PTA Meeting date in the diary right now and work out in advance what you want to ask. If you feel that a teacher underestimates or seriously misunderstands your child, try to be diplomatic. Go home and work out a strategy.

Hopefully your child is now attending the school you chose. In any case, you must now think  positively and plan for success and happiness. Is your child retaking SATS? Would private tuition give them extra confidence? Perhaps coaching could help, at least for a few weeks.


There will be more homework

Talk to your son or daughter about how they want to handle that. Is there a homework club? Give them some control about when, where and how.  If you want to have private tuition for your child, why not consult other interested parents about a small group? You could share costs, and they would enjoy working together.

Wednesday was D Day for going back to school in Wimbledon, SW19 and thereabouts. High School is expensive. Have you already bought all the winter uniform? Stationery and tecchie must-haves? What clubs or hobby groups does the school run, and what will sports or music equipment cost?

If you still have some shopping to do, congratulations! For if the school insists on premium pricey items from a special stockist, you can be a bit shameless. Enquire about second-hand blazers and sweaters, for example. (Or go online -try Now is  a clever time for basic uniform items, often reduced in supermarkets after term starts. Where you  need to be careful is over the accessories. The wrong school bag can be a cause of misery, bullying and embarrassment. Being visibly different hurts! 

Lunch and Snacks: Fighting Childhood Obesity

You don’t have to be a food fascist, but childhood obesity threatens so many youngsters. A new school year is a good time to steer your kids away from sugary drinks and too many fatty, off-the-shelf snacks towards healthy more sophisticated lunchboxes. Visits to the Fried Chicken Shop with mates should be an occasional treat.

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