Love Your Quality CV for February Job Search

The name of the game for executive / would-be executive staff this month is to offer a quality CV for January job search.

Judy E offers a specialized service in creating a professional CV that reflects up-to-the-moment trends in resume writing.

Private Tuition in SW19 could be your best available solution If you are busy “exceeding expectation” in your current role -while privately resolving that 2017 is your break out year.  Because NOW’s the time when recruiters need you to register your interest. If your CV reflects the latest thinking in corporate hire, they’ll stick with you until you’re sorted. Lack of awareness about employer requirements in a Brexit – flavoured world of change could put you on the back burner until the market cools.  

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Whole Brain Thinking – a concept that’s going hiring viral

“The average job search can take around six months, so if you want to change jobs it’s definitely time to get serious about the process. The more work you do now on your CV /  application package, the less work you’ll have to do later.And the quicker you can act if a great opportunity suddenly comes along,” says The Job Network.

So what are employers looking for now? (And how can Private Tuition in SW19 help you put it where they can find it on your CV?)

Don’t stress over gimmicks, videos and holograms, say the experts, unless you are seeking in a niche industry. The bedrock of good CV creation is proof that you have the skills that employers need. High on the list is awareness of social media. Two action points …

  • Demonstrate presence and show that you are a fluent e-communicator, who knows how to pursue professional knowledge through networking. Evidence this by stating your Linked In and (provided it’s strictly business) Twitter contact detail along with email address.
  • Remember to clean up before you start sending out your CV. Be so, so careful with Facebook. They can, and they will, check you out. Set your account to “private” for all personal stuff.

Soft skills are still the clincher for employers (for example, team working, reliability) and you should give evidence on your CV that you have them. However technical skills are ever more vital. Tell them what you can do, and access free online courses to update and add to them

Remember all that about “Left Hand and Right Hand Brain people? Who tackle problems in characteristically different ways because they think the most with one side of the brain? Be advised. Psychometrics has – well – trended. Employers and recruiters are buzzing about the need for staff who are WHOLE BRAIN thinkers. People who are both logical and creative! This chimes with the current emphasis on Design Thinking. To acquire a top-of-the-trend CV that truly demonstrates awareness of these aptitudes seek expert help the simple way.

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