Un-SATS-is-Factory? Failing SATS in SW19

This year’s SATS saw Year 6 children throughout Wimbledon and beyond undertake the new, tougher Key Stage 2 assessment for Primary School leavers.

SATS results are out. And only 53 percent of youngsters undergoing the tests nationally met the standard in Maths, Reading and Writing. This indicates that some children – even in SW19 where schools regularly exceed the national average in tests at every stage – could benefit from private tuition over the Summer. In many cases this would get them up to speed for Secondary education come September! If you think this applies to your son or daughter then please  Contact Me

Private Tuition in SW19 can help children who failed SATS

Many kids and teachers too were flummoxed by the 2017 “sterner” SATS

Kids Who Couldn’t Cope with SATS

For there are some Wimbledon and Merton children who couldn’t quite cope with this year’s sterner-than -ever KS2 SATS. Among them are some very talented 10 -11 year olds. Even some gifted writers. They are among the 47 percent who fell below the government’s acceptable threshold.This threshold has shaped primary school teaching to the point where many teachers and parents feel children have been stuffed with test data like little factory chickens. Meanwhile the government insisted that raising standards was its mission.

SATS: Two Issues

First and foremost: Does your daughter or son need private tuition to bring her or him up to the point where secondary education will be a challenge and not a struggle? If you think coaching could make a key difference, then I can help with the reading, writing and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) elements of the assessment. Judy E offers Summer Break lessons. These would be  tailored to your child’s needs.

The second issue made headlines a few weeks ago. Manky marking! It may be  your youngster fell foul of some very rigid handwriting requirements, not to say marking and moderation. For example, the dot and comma of a semicolon were out of line on one test paper. On another, the correct answer was very slightly out of the allotted box. No marks were awarded.

Stop Worrying about SATS

So take heart. Schools will take up the cudgels on this.  And the chances are no-one will ever ask your kid to label a frontal adverbial phrase again. In fact he or she may well go on to nail a PhD. Give them a flying start .

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