Starting Now! Tuition in SW19 for Year 6 SATS

Parents of children in SW19 starting Year 6 in September must now plan for SATS.

Just as GCSE results come out, parents of younger pupils starting their SATS year at primary school in a few weeks time will weigh up the benefits of private tuition.

SATS. week for Year 6 pupils next year take place Monday – Thursday 14th – 17th May 2018.

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Year 6  – and children are set for SATS preparation in September

Will SATS Be As Tough in 2018?

The results of this year’s’10 and 11 year olds have quite drastically reflected the tougher 2017 Standards and Assessment Agency tests.  They were so stringent that 39% of children in the UK couldn’t meet its exacting demands. There are lessons to to learn all round, since there have been numerous complaints: for example about over-zealous marking down for correct answers in wobbly handwriting.

How  the Marking Goes in SATS

The TES (Times Educational Supplement) explains how the “new” SATS assessed pupils –

“The government published tables showing how many marks are needed in each subject to reach a scaled score of 100, which is the “expected standard”.

This year, pupils needed:

  • 26 out of 50 in reading,
  • 57 out of 110 in maths and
  • 36 out of 70 in spelling, punctuation and grammar (Spag) to reach the expected standard.

This compares to 21 out of 50 needed in reading last year, 60 out of 110 needed in maths and 43 out of 70 needed in Spag. The jump in the marks needed to pass the reading test comes after Year 6 teachers had reported that the reading test this year was “kinder” than it was in 2016. But the maths test made some kids cry! (“left some children in tears”).

So-fewer marks were needed to pass, but boy! Were the sums harder? Similarly, the SPAG testing had perfectionist requirements, although boys and girls could pass with lower scores. Teachers assess the writing task for SATS, sticking to official guidance and submitting to moderation.

Time for Tuition

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PrivateTuitioninSW19 improves performancein SATS

Judy E offers SATS preparation for Year 6 pupils in Wimbledon

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