Help Your Child Make Up For Missed School

Tests Were Cancelled but it’s going to be a Hard Road Ahead

Parents, teachers and children in Year 6 of SW19’s primaries may have heaved sighs of relief when the government scrapped SATS at the start of the Covid 19 lock down. Though the pandemic has played havoc with their learning,  Schools are preparing a gentle approach for youngsters finally back in the classroom.  Still the National Curriculum will soon be reasserting its demands. They need to catch up!

Now Is When They Need A Boost

Ensuring your child is given the best chance to succeed is essential. So preparing your child for the future is highly recommended. Home tuition with Judy E can benefit your child.

Preparing your child for the future and giving them the best chance of success is something all parents take very seriously. This is especially true of families seeking private tuition in SW19 and its surrounding postcodes. (Wimbledon has been labelled “a hot spot” for good schools” by The Daily Telegraph.) There are independent schools  famed for academic excellence in the town, and grammar schools in nearby Kingston or Sutton. The competition spurs on our state comprehensives.

In fact the stakes for aspiring parents just got even higher.

sats in wimbledon sw19Why? Because,at this tender age kids are still developing at their own very individual rate at a unique time when the education system will have to play catch up.

Taking It Gently

Some youngsters who were practising for SATS in English and 11 plus when schools shut down had only recently learnt how to use semicolons or to write in complex sentences.  Now-  after six months at home – they may well struggle to play beat the clock in test conditions. Even a lesson time frame will feel weird. It can always be heartbreaking for a teacher trying to speed up a dreamy child, and this is best done gradually and sympathetically  – in private! This is when kids in the last year of primary school can really benefit from a home tutor. So check and decide if Judy E can help.Contact at Private Tuition in SW19

While If you want to lighten the back-to-work scenario with your son or daughter while sticking with the syllabus, think outside the box a little. Make it more fun with resources from:


BBC Learning Zone Primary Resources



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