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Graduate Interviewing?

How are you going to handle those crucial first seconds in a graduate interview when minds are made up?

Brand new graduates in SW19 – be warned!  When you start researching interview technique you’re going to find a lot of recruitment experts claiming that it’s “game over” in just the first few seconds after you enter the room. These moments will decide your fate.

graduate interview in SW19

Graduates in Wimbledon must style up for first interview entrances

First Impressions Have Lasting Impact

Private Tuition in SW19 offers 1-2-1 coaching ensure you excel in your first round of graduate interviews. Meanwhile, you should know this. Much valid research indicates that even professional interviewers do their choosing subconsciously. Almost at first sight.  Perhaps their decisions are based on the human tendency to favour people we recognize as “one of us”. Visit for extra input.

So what are the survival techniques that could give you the edge? For a start you need to present as much like one of the company’s employees as you can manage.  Check out staff names  on Linked In. Hair dos. Style,preoccupations and passions. (If a paintballing weekend seems to be their idea of corporate bliss – not yours – work up some enthusiasm!) Make yourself inwardly confident that you and the company are on the same mission.

Be The Right Kind of Confident

“Confident “is the keyword. Glow with the kind of confidence you felt at school when you did your homework really, really well. In this case, your homework is researching the organization and preparing your responses to any likely question. You will have:-

  • Studied the company on its website (or in person if you can).and looked up relevant staff names online,
  • Worked through all the job description/person specification points for your post, and matched yourself against them.
  • Reviewed your application statement
  • Constructed competency examples  (remember STAR – Situation, Task, Action, Result).
  • Styled yourself to blend in.

That is going to put the spring in your step and the right smile on your face when you move through the door.

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