Home Schooling and Private Tuition in SW19


Home Schooling combined with private tuition is on the rise in SW19. While numbers of home schooled children all over South West London have surged dramatically in the last three years. You only have to Google or walk in the park on a school day to see it.

More and more parents are teachers now, taking advantage of an astonishing range of museums, libraries, galleries and wildlife sanctuaries. Plus fantastic on-line teaching materials from the education authorities Surrey County Council resources. You don’t have to be qualified to home school , although a clever mix of private tuition from outside may work best. home schooling help

Private Tuition-in London works with Home Schooling

Home Schooling – ideal if you make it a group effort, as this cartoon implies

Home schooling has been legal in the United Kingdom since 1996, and frankly it’s booming all over this country. (The States and Europe tell a similar story.) The words that once shamed you: “He’s not in school,” have lost their sting.

Who Home Schools in SW19?

  • Worried Parents. They may feel that their child will get a better start in home-based education. They want their family manners, morals and the knowledge they value unchallenged.
  • Parents with children who have a specific learning difficulty, especially if this  leads to disruptive classroom behaviour. Life is miserable when you are constantly called from school and summoned to meetings about today’s Incident. The incentive to make a break can become overwhelming. Your child is unhappy. End ofstory.
  • Parents with Gifted Children. Much the same applies! If you have a budding prodigy on your hands, whether it’s the violin or high jump, mainstream school can struggle to meet his or her needs. “Disruptive behaviour” and anxiety can set in.
  • Parents of a Bullied Child         At one stroke they achieve respite from the whole horrible world of verbal, physical and social media abuse
  • Rich Parents.   If getting your son or daughter into a top flight school is almost impossible, a bespoke package of Private Tuition can cost little more than a good independent school AND offer a better likelihood of excellent A Level Grades.
  • Super Rich Parents   They probably travel a great deal, and in any case they like to be in the driving seat of life. Any rules are their rules.  

Pros and Cons

“I know a family that home schooled all three children. They flourished academically, but they have no social skills whatsoever,* reports a contributor to the Personal Development Cafe. “From the 24 year-old to the four year-old they can’t negotiate, or see why they’re getting a negative reaction from others.”

While some schools will accept children who attend part-time, and blend home schooling with mainstream, others worry that home-schooled youngsters miss out on sport, life skills and the whole culture of their generation. Parents are seeking out home schoolers in their neighbourhood to counter this  lack. Try https://www.educationotherwise.org/to learn more.



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