GCSE English Resits Can Be Painless With 1-2-1 Tuition in SW19

If you have a GCSE English Grade 3 “resulter” in the family facing a resit in SW19, then Private Tuition may well be a priority just now. Individual tutoring for the November exam could be the best option. Why? Perhaps because missing those few vital marks indicates a different need for each student. 1-2-1 tuition sidesteps embarrassment, builds confidence, and helps to ensure that the candidate has a blueprint for achieving each of the required AOs (Assessment Objectives).

GCSE English Individual Private Tuition in SW19 for resits in November

GCSE English Resits: Overwhelming Numbers (BBC)

Your Choices

You do have choices:

  • Colleges and schools in and around Wimbledon are geared to offering GCSE English resit courses alongside whatever else their students are studying.
  • This might be a vocational qualification such as Child Care.
  • Or the class could be timetabled in with the student’s A Levels.

“It makes me feel horrible, though,” says Nadia,18, contending with dyslexia and who has retaken English twice already. “I passed on the practice papers, but my mind goes blank when I do the real thing.” She explains that she needs the English for entry to University, where she will study for a Sports Science degree. “I’m in a class with 15 year-olds, and I’m an 18 year-old. Plus also I’m a Prefect. I came so close last time, too!”

Sixthforms Overwhelmed With Resits for GCSE English

The number of English GCSE resit candidates is frankly overwhelming.  Over 40,000 more students may need to resit their English GCSE next year than did this year, after failing to achieve the required grade 4 in the reformed exams.

The Association of Colleges says that in England last year, one in five colleges planned to hire external venues to cope with the numbers! While two-thirds of colleges had to hire short-term staff to teach those taking resits.

At Tolworth Girls’ School’s sixth form, in Kingston,next door to Wimbledon, the teachers’ busy timetables mean they can only tutor for English resits for a couple of hours a week. “Budget strains mean it is difficult to find enough staff to cover those teaching the extra lessons,” says Head of English Chloe Gatt.

This is where Private Tuition for GCSE English can support both student and school.


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